Bullfrog Bay Mitigation Bank

Bullfrog Bay Mitigation Bank is located in the southern region of the Reedy Creek Drainage Basin within the Kissimmee River Watershed. The mitigation bank is surrounded by the Disney Wilderness Preserve (DWP) and South Florida Water Management District Management preserve lands. Bullfrog Bay Mitigation Bank plays an integral role in connecting the gap between the DWP and adjacent conservation lands within the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes Basin. These preserve lands are vital to the health and sustainability of the ecological processes within the mitigation bank’s mitigation service area. The removal of agricultural lands within the mitigation bank will result in an increase in wildlife movements across the landscape, will contribute to hydrological enhancements within the site and to adjacent conservation lands, and will contribute to an increase in plant biodiversity.

The water quality is expected to significantly improve with the implementation of the mitigation bank activities, specifically with the removal of cattle grazing activities. A review of the topographic elevation indicates that the proposed mitigation bank drains to the east and that the off-site receiving water body is Reedy Creek (via the Dead River). Since Reedy Creek directly connects to the Kissimmee River Chain of Lakes, an Outstanding Florida Water, the improvement of water quality within the bank site will also improve the water quality within this ecologically-significant aquatic system.

Mitigation Credits Provided:

  • UMAM Freshwater Forested and Herbaceous Credits
  • Valid for State Permit Requirements

Mitigation Service Area: See Map Below for Mitigation Bank Location and Mitigation Service Area

Mitigation Credit Price:  Call EcoResolve for Credit Pricing and Availability


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