Cockscrew Regional Mitigation Bank

The 635 acre Corkscrew Regional Mitigation Bank is owned by South Florida Water Management District. The Wetlandsbank Company LLC, a nationally recognized team and one of the leading mitigation bankers in the country, is responsible for implementation and management of the Corkscrew Regional Mitigation Bank project.

The primary components of this bank include the restoration of over 390 acres of drained pastureland to a native hydric pine system matrix containing cypress, marsh, prairie, wetland hardwood, and upland areas. In addition, approximately 240 acres of native wetlands and uplands have been enhanced through hydro-logical improvements, exotic vegetation control and maintenance, and implementation of prescribed burns.

The restoration and project management includes managing surface water on-site, removing invasive exotic vegetation, seeding, planting, prescribed burning, GPS data collection, contracting and supervising subcontractors, and monitoring. All restoration procedures were applied to optimize ecological enhancement of wetland and/or surface water resources. Most importantly, the hydrological restoration of the site is being sustainable with proper management. Additional signs of restoration success are the high wildlife utilization of the site including 10 threatened or endangered species: Wood Stork, Audubon’s Crested Caracara, American Bald Eagle, American Alligator, Eastern Indigo Snake, Florida Ribbon Snake, Big Cypress Fox Squirrel, Sandhill Crane, Snail Kite the Florida Panther.

Mitigation Credits Provided:

  • Freshwater Forested and Herbaceous Credits
  • Valid for State and/or Federal Permit Requirements

Mitigation Service Area: See Map Below for Mitigation Bank Location and Mitigation Service Area

Mitigation Credit Price:  Call EcoResolve for Credit Pricing and Availability


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