Crosby Island Marsh Mitigation Bank

The 71 3. 7-acre Crosby Island Marsh Mitigation Bank (CIMMB) property was historically ditched and drained for the purpose of intensive agricultural operations.  More than half of CIMMB consisted of improved pasture or wet improved pasture managed for cattle grazing and/or hay production, and included a series of large canals that, when combined with active pump stations, served to drain the historical marshlands to support agricultural operations.

Implementation of strategic restoration and management objectives have restored the ecologically viable marshlands which today provide improved wetland functions and values and support a plethora of wetland-dependent wildlife.

Management Activities:

  • Restoration of marsh habitats affected by historic ditching and agri­cultural activities through filling and blocking drainage ditches, and constructing on earthen berm at the southwest corner of the site.
  • Planting -50 acres of wet improved pasture with transitional wetland trees and -66 acres of wet improved pasture with wetland trees.
  • Restoration/enhancement of upland areas through eradication of bahia grass, seeding, and planting with native herbaceous and/or tree/shrub species.

Mitigation Credits Provided:

  • WRAP Freshwater Forested and Herbaceous Credits
  • Valid for Federal Permit Requirements

Mitigation Service Area: See Map Below for Mitigation Bank Location and Mitigation Service Area

Mitigation Credit Price:  Call EcoResolve for Credit Pricing and Availability


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