EcoResolve’s Founder and President, Desmond Duke, can apply his years of experience in the mitigation and conservation banking industry to identify and analyze investment opportunities in the Southeast US for potential and current investors.

EcoResolve can provide reports on any potential venture, which would typically include information on the following:

  • Estimate the potential wetland or conservation functional value (amount of wetland or endangered species credits) of an identified property may generate for a new potential project.
  • Analysis of the status of an approved mitigation bank that is for sale.
  • Historic sales analysis of mitigation credits within each mitigation service area.
  • An estimate of future credit sale absorption.
  • Estimated Credit Pricing.
  • Potential competitors in the marketplace and their available inventory.
  • Current and anticipated permitting activities - private and public future projects.
  • Regulatory Climate
  • Demographics and land values 

EcoResolve has established a track record of success and commitment by providing outstanding customer service with honesty, reliability, and integrity.  We offer flexibility in our contract terms allowing for services to be billed as either one-time fees or on a commission basis. To find out more about our services for investors, contact EcoResolve today.

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