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The mitigation banking industry has a track record of success and grown steadily over the last 25 years, receiving positive recognition from the regulators, private sector and environmental groups as an ecologically sound and risk-effective solution to consolidate mitigation projects and get more land under preservation. There are more than 80 mitigation banks in Florida and over 1,400 in the nation.

Landowners are often attracted to mitigation banking because it may allow them to generate significant additional revenue from the land without selling it.  As any other real estate deal, mitigation banking is dependent on having the right property at the right location. Creating a mitigation bank is a complex process. It can also be costly, time-consuming and involve dealing with multiple state and federal agencies, ultimately placing restrictions and conservation easements on property.

EcoResolve is a trusted advisor to landowners and can help determine:

  • Identify if there is a mitigation or conservation bank opportunity on your land.
  • Identify the likely market for mitigation or conservation credits.
  • Manage the permitting, design, & construction of the mitigation or conservation bank.
  • Be a liaison with the Interagency Review Team
  • Manage credit sales

Ecoresolve has established a track record of success and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service with honesty, reliability, and integrity. We offer flexibility in our contract terms, allowing for services to be billed as either one-time fees or on a commission basis. To find out more about our services for landowners, contact EcoResolve today.

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