Lemon Grove Offsite Mitigation Property

Lemon Grove is a 262-acre property dedicated to, and reserved for, off-site wetland and species mitigation.

Located in NW Palm Beach County at Indiantown Road and SR710, on land owned by the State of Florida and leased to Mitigation Services.

Lemon Grove can be designed to provide high-efficiency and cost-effective mitigation for developer impacts to forested and herbaceous wetlands and the habitat of listed species within the boundaries of SR76 to US98 and from Lake Okeechobee to I95.

The mitigation may be provided at Lemon Grove through ecological restoration of Lemon Grove land by Mitigation Service PBC or with the permittee’s own resources.  Lemon Grove does not sell wetland mitigation bank credits. Lemon Grove may be designed – enough acres and enough restoration - to create ecological “lift” (measured in terms of UMAM functional units) that is equivalent to the UMAM functional units lost by the developer’s impacts.

This unique but limited-in-scope project can provide federal and state mitigation below the prices of regional wetland mitigation banking credits and below alternative mitigation options.  Simple contracts, fast service, low prices.


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