Species Credits

Developers are often required to offset any negative impact caused to listed endangered species by their development project. Not only is this process expensive and time-consuming, but there is also no guarantee that it would be successful. Unlike wetland mitigation banks, conservation banks are species-specific with a stricter focus on endangered species. Desmond Duke,  President, and Founder of EcoResolve is very passionate about environmental protection and is personally involved in every project in order to assure its success.


At EcoResolve, we market endangered species credits from approved conservation banks. Endangered species credits allow clients to forego the lengthy and costly mitigation process. Desmond brings over 20 years of experience to the table, with the goal of helping clients save time and decrease the liability associated with maintaining a private mitigation site.


EcoResolve has established a track record of success and dedication to providing outstanding customer service with honesty, reliability, and integrity. To find out if your project qualifies for this credit program, contact EcoResolve today.


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