EcoResolve’s Founder and President, Desmond Duke, has 22+ of experience in mitigation credit marketing. The practices utilized by EcoResolve for selling mitigation credits allow the company to identify issues that may arise and recent trends that may appear in the mitigation marketplace.  A summary report or Market Analysis is prepared to show our clients the best course of action to take for their venture. Desmond uses a very detailed and simplified way of planning projects for clients which involves a strategic yet thoughtful approach.

EcoResolve strategically analyzes our clients projects and develops personalized plans that will guarantee success. During the analytical period, a number of areas are covered such as the history of the sales, the amount of credit that would be obtained and what the pricing would be for those said credits. Taking into consideration that the market has already been analyzed and the competition has been also identified, EcoResolve gives our clients an estimated market value of the environmental assets.

Reports provided to our clients typically includes information on the following:

  • Historic sales analysis of mitigation credits within each mitigation service area.
  • An estimate of future credit sale absorption.
  • Estimated Credit Pricing.
  • Potential competitors in the marketplace and their available inventory.
  • Current and anticipated permitting activities - private and public future projects.
  • Regulatory Climate
  • Demographics and land values  

EcoResolve has established a track record of success and dedication to providing outstanding customer service with honesty, reliability and integrity.  To find out more about Market Analysis services, contact EcoResolve today.


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