Mitigation banking ensures that the ecological loss to wetlands, endangered species habitat and streams resulting from development projects, is compensated for by the preservation and restoration of wetlands, natural habitats, streams, etc. in other areas so that there is no net loss to the environment. Mitigation banking is specifically for the purpose of compensating for unavoidable resource losses in advance of development actions, when such compensation cannot be achieved at the development site or would not be as environmentally beneficial.

Once you’ve avoided impacts and reduced impacts to the environment, purchasing mitigation bank credits from EcoResolve provides these major key advantages:

  • Reduced permitting time – proposing the purchase of credits from an approved mitigation is more streamlined and requires less documentation from the developer in permit applications.
  • Certainty of cost – price of mitigation is known upfront and no possibility of cost overruns from unpredictable permittee-responsible mitigation failures.
  • Cost effective – mitigation banks achieve economics of scale, reducing the cost per credit.
  • Eliminates risk and responsibility – provides the irrevocable transfer of all risk and labiality of the mitigation obligation to the mitigation banker.
  • Increased site utilization – developer may maximize the use of a profitable development site.
  • Preferred by regulators – Under federal regulations the US Army Corps of Engineers and EPA have a preference for the use of mitigation banks for compensatory mitigation.

EcoResolve understands the laws and how they apply. To meet customer needs and focusing efforts on providing the most cost effective and ecologically sound mitigation solution for clients, we work closely with government regulators, the developer community, consultants and environmental organizations. We are continually expanding our inventory of mitigation credit types. Please click on the link to the list of wetland mitigation and habitat conservation banks:



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