“Desmond Duke of EcoResolve has been a valuable resource and a great colleague for Bluefield Ranch Mitigation Bank for many years. Desmond’s uncompromising integrity, loyalty and dedication are coupled with his competence (experience, knowledge, creativity and high energy) add value to Bluefield Ranch and to our customers. Armed with a great personality, including charm, grace and humor, Desmond participates actively in Bluefield’s professional and social activities, having  become an integral member of our Bluefield family.”

Dave McIntosh | Trustee and Principal, Bluefield Ranch Mitigation Bank

“I have had the opportunity to work with Desmond for 22 years and EcoResolve since its inception. In that time I have found that Desmond’s business ethics are beyond reproach and his knowledge and expertise in mitigation banking and sales is unrivaled by his peers. I know you will find, as I have, the unique pleasure of working with an industry leader!"

Robert Miller, | Chief Executive Officer, The Wetlandsbank Company, LLC

“Anyone interested in using Desmond Duke’s services should note that he is one of a small handful of the “original” mitigation professionals in the United States. Desmond's work in mitigation banking dates back to the early 90’s and his representation of the first successful entrepreneurial mitigation bank in the US. It would be truly impossible to find anyone more experienced in our field! I recommend Desmond and hold his professional assistance in the highest regard.”

George Howard | CEO, Restoration Systems, LLC

“Desmond Duke and I have been working together for over 8 years.  His knowledge and expertise of mitigation lands and Banks (Federal and State) are what brought us to come to know one another very well.  Desmond helped me create and develop the largest Panther Conservation Bank in the United States.  His knowledge and connections in the industry led to our success.  I’m a vegetable farmer with over 30 years of farming experience so I believe I know what hard work is and Desmond is a hard worker.  He will put in the extra time and effort to get the job completed.  Desmond is a forward thinking out-of-the-box businessman.  We have spent many hours together.  He always strives to make the right decisions, always putting his clients first.  Choosing Desmond on my project (Panther Passage Conservation Bank) was the best decision I could have ever made and for this I am blessed.”

Brett DuBois | Broker/Co-Owner, Tarpon Blue Real Estate Services LLC

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