What Is EcoResolve?

EcoResolve markets mitigation bank credits to companies and persons or entities that need to satisfy mitigation obligations under state and federal permitting requirements. With over 22 years of experience in the field of mitigation, our President, Desmond Duke, utilizes his established network of contacts to implement effective, customized marketing strategies and achieve successful outcomes. Desmond is personally involved with each and every project and has managed sales in excess of $125M and over 700 transactions. Here at EcoResolve, it’s all about developing strong relationships versus many other firms that focus on just the transaction.

EcoResolve provides the following services:

  • A to Z marketing and management of the credit sales process for mitigation banks.
  • A la carte marketing and sales services for mitigation banks with a customized approach to address specific needs.
  • New projects feasibility analysis and market research for mitigation banks and other related parties.
  • Consulting services with expertise in the establishment and management of mitigation banks.

Our clientele includes:

  • Mitigation and conservation banks.
  • Existing or prospective mitigation or conservation bank owners.
  • Prospective investors.
  • Landowners with land that could be used for mitigation.
  • Engineering and environmental consultants.
  • Members of the “development community” such as large and small developers, local governments, the Department of Transportation, etc.
  • Other related parties include legal representatives and regulators.

EcoResolve has established a track record of success and dedication to providing outstanding customer service with honesty, reliability and integrity at the core.  Contact EcoResolve today to find out more.


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